Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance coverage is mandatory in California.

Even a part-time employee must protected from injury while on the job.

An employer may believe that a worker is exempt from workers compensation coverage because they are paid by 1099 rather than on a W-2. There are, however strict criteria defining independent contractor status, and a worker may be deemed an employee despite his method of payment. Just because an employer pays by 1099 instead of W-2, does not automatically create an “independent contractor” status, and California has severe penalties for employers who circumvent the process.

Company officers, owners and volunteer laborers also have specific criteria, and if not rated correctly could cost the business thousands of dollars in unnecessary premium. For 2018, there are new definitions for independent contractors. They need to be correctly addressed.

There are many insurance companies providing workers compensation coverage in California. Each one has filed rating plans with the State of California detailing the discounts and surcharges that they might offer on a policy. The companies have also determined the types of businesses they would like to insure, and the minimum size businesses they will insure.

For these reasons, the process of finding out the cost of workers compensation coverage for a business involves actually submitting an application to all insurance companies, allowing them each to evaluate the application and then provide their best quote.

Commercial Services Insurance will access the most competitive workers compensation companies to obtain the best quote for your business. We can gather the information conveniently by phone, fax and email.

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