Employees are expensive, aren’t they? They cost you real money in their taxes and workers comp. But, you can’t run your business without them.

There are some other costs associated with employees; there is the cost of acquisition, the cost of training, and the cost of managing them. So, when you find a really good one, it pays to hold on to her or him.

It used to be easy to hold onto employees. There was an unwritten contract that they could be with your company for life. Now many companies aren’t around for life, and other companies are looking for your good employees, willing to bid on them with more money and benefits. Loyalty on both sides no longer exists, and employees feel free to move around every three or four years. And it is not even seen as a negative on a resume for the new employer. Everyone knows the new rules of the game. So how do you compete for employees and keep the really good one?

There are benefits that can be provided, beyond the obvious health insurance and such, that could keep an employee with you if he or she is integral to your organization.

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By Marc

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