A type of insurance that is relevant to sales reps is general liability insurance. If you travel to meet with clients or prospects, you are at risk. Here are the when and wherefores.

General liability insurance, or commercial general liability (CGL), addresses business’s claims of bodily injury, medical costs, property damage. You don’t have to be guilty, only accused. It can happen when you attend a meeting, meet clients at your office, or even go out to lunch with them

It could happen if a client slips or falls on your premises, or even trips on something you left in the pathway. 

If you are at a client’s location and you drop something on a piece of equipment or their computer…….oops, property damage has occurred. You are liable.

Completed operations; less likely for sales reps, but if you left something behind that caused injury AFTER YOU ARE GONE FROM THE LOCATION…….oops again–completed ops.

Advertising injury; did you inadvertently slander or infringe on a copyright.

Personal Injury; you feel comfortable enough with the client that you say something libelous against somebody and it backfires on you. That’s personal injury; and by the way, it is different from the attorney’s definition of personal injury, which is the insurance industry’s “bodily injury.” Insurance personal injury includes libel, slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction, and discrimination. Remember, you only have to be accused to defend yourself, and that costs money.

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By Marc

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